On Sunday I took Domingo to CDN Maldegem for our second Young Riders test. We ended 2nd with 66,45 % in our first “Individual” test. Unfortunately I made a fair silly mistake in the changes every 3, and that was really costly to our score. But we had great feedback and some promising marks including several 8s. Despite this Domingo was going well and we obtained our first International selection!  I really enjoy being in the competition arena again after hard training months! Huge thank you to my trainers Jeanine & Jacqueline Fiechter for all te support!

Today we started the new season in a new level “young riders”. Domingo felt good and did a great job. We ended 1st with a result of 65,80%. Not bad for the our first official “young riders” test.

Spring is in the air. Lovely sunny, perfect training day.