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Day 4 Belgian Championship

After a quick check Domingo seems a bit stiff but ok to start. We would go for it! In the Junior Freestyle we got a result of 69.425 % and 3rd place! I am blessed with a horse like Don Domingo!

We ended the Belgian Championship 2016 with a Bronze medal! Happy with the final result!


Day 3 Belgian Championship. Today we had a training day. At the end of my training Domingo and I had an accident. Domingo lost his balance and fell on me. Not sure if we can start on Sunday but we will try.

On the second day Domingo felt even better than yesterday. For the Junior Individuelle test we got a result of 68.026 % and ended a 3th place. Not bad at all!

Great ! Today I was interviewed by Toptalent Dressage. Lisette Born and Danny Zechiel are the founders of this great platform that support young talents on their way to the top. Click on the picture and watch the video here!

On the first day we had the Junior Team Test. With some help of Maxime Van der Vlist we endend 4th with a score of 64.730 %